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Salve a tutti, e benvenuti.
Hello everybody and welcome.

Ever heard about Gatchaman? No? Then there are plenty of wonderful pages around which can introduce you to that show far better than I could ever do (see the links page).

This is my little, little homage to a series that hooked me since my tender age.

Some Introduction:

Italy was one of the few lucky Countries where Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter were broadcasted as they were, and not as "Eagle Riders".

By any mean, my first introduction to the whole Gatchaman multiverse was precisely Gatchaman II, during early 80's.
I strongly believed that to be THE Gatchaman Series (with Capital Letters) only knew about the Original series in 1998, when I met the Internet Gatchaman fandom.

A good friend of mine (Hi, Veronika :-D) suggested, many years ago, that it might be interesting to put online the translations of the episodes I owned back then, for a lot of people out there didn't know much of Gatchaman II and Fighter.

So I started this page with the few episodes I had.

Many things happened since this page started: the Japanese DVDs of the three Gatchaman series came out.
Considering that, by the time I started this humble page back in 1999, there was very little about the two sequels available at all, it was a BIG improvement: finally the WHOLE Gatchaman official world was commercially available for everyone to enjoy it.


But the Japanese DVDs were available in raw Japanese, having no translations or subtitles.

And although Gatchaman Original series and all its spin-off worlds (known as Battle of the Planets and G-Force: Guardians of Space) had plenty of material in the last years, culminating with ADV's full Gatchaman DVDs in English, still very little was available for the two sequels, except from the EXCELLENT synopses in fan's sites (listed in my Links page).

I ended up knowing a friend of a friend who managed to provide to me Gatchaman II and Fighter almost complete series (I noticed a few episodes lacking, maybe my source wasn't as interested in its completeness as I was). In Italian. A language I knew and could actually translate into English.

Then I thought it might interest someone out there (including those who actually purchased the Japanese Gatch II and Fighter series) to know what was happening, speeches included (although I have some reservations regarding the translations, explained in the section below).
So here I am, doing Italian-English translations of Gatch II and Fighter episodes' scripts and making them available on my humble site now and then.


I apologize if it takes a lot for me to update the site, but consider that updating the page with a single episode, which means writing down the Italian speeches, describing the scenario, translating it all into English, doing the screen captures to describe the episodes, choosing the shots I like best (for every 14 shots I have in both Italian and English pages, and yes, they ARE different, I take up to 1200 screen captures.. and that's a LOT to work with!) and uploading, is a 10 hours work.

And I confess that I'm not always in the mood to do that...

A hint : every single time I receive a mail regarding my page, I feel compelled to update it, so please, feel free to write to me and help me win my natural laziness!

I still have hopes that an English version of Gatch II and Fighter will some day be commercially available.

Until then... I'm at your service ;-)


Please, keep in mind that:

A) My primary language is Italian, my secondary language is Portuguese and I am NOT a professional translator. Well, to tell the truth, my English is nothing I'm proud of. So, I may have tossed into the stuff a lot of mistakes… I hope you'll enjoy it anyway, and I'm confident that whichever mistake, being it grammar or syntax, will be pointed out by you, kind visitors (my e-mail address is somewhere above) :-))).

I can't stress this enough: the little English I know I learned from high school.

I often catch errors in my old English pages, being them grammar, syntax or... simply plain translations from Italian slang into meaningless English.

ANY help, advice, correction is MOSTLY appreciated!

B) I don't know how much Italian version itself was bastardized it its translation. It seems to me, according with the synopses I've seen around and from what I've been told by other fans, that they tried to keep the translation as close to the original as possible. I noticed myself that some of the episodes are lacking the final comments from the narrator, which, I guess, were cut to allow space to commercials. Besides, Italian and Japanese are so different languages, that some speeches might have been totally modified in order to make some sense in Italian. As a result, you are reading a translation of a translation, and that does not help accuracy at all...

C) I added to the scripts some lines to briefly describe the scene. You'll surely recognize them for they're the lamest part of all the scripts... and because I took care to put them into square parentheses :-)

In my translations, I preferred to keep the names as they are in Italian.


Notes about names translation:

1) This is Gatchaman II, but it has some references from Gatchaman I. You'll note that, in those references, Berg Katse is called Ratse. Well, there's a good reason for this to be that way: The pronunciation of the word "Katse" is really, really similar to the pronunciation of an Italian bad word, "cazzo". I guess that they had to do something to prevent problems with Italian parents associations… Oh, well, maybe it's better this way than having Zark appearing every now and then to explain that "No, kids, you didn't hear what you think you heard, it's the former villain name, K-A-T-S-E"


2) Don't ask me why, but also Jun's name had been changed: she's called Pretty Jane (even if, except for a few times, her teammates have the heart of calling her only Jane). I really don't know why they changed it.

3) Ghelsadra's real birthname is no longer Sammie, but Debbie.

4) Dr. Pandora, Dr. Nambu's assistant in Gatchaman II, becomes Dr. Pandra. Trying to avoid confusion with the mythological character?

5) Kamu, Dr. Nambu's assistant in Gatchaman Fighter, becomes "Ralf". The reason for this change is also a mystery, I guess they tried to turn the names into something more "American".


Disclaimer: Gatchaman and everything related with it belongs to Tatsunoko. I don't know who owns Italian rights, not me for sure. This is a page created by a fan for fans, and no infringement is intended.


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August, 07 2011


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